Imagination Seconds are interesting ideas enforced and nourished by philosophy, science, history, and arts, reflecting on important issues of our times as well as giving inspiration.

Every person is destined beyond and within the nature of imagination to become anything and anyone, one wishes, and dreams. The time you imagine it's when you get an idea that is powerfully defined by the experience and nature of our existence as humans and intelligent animals.

Life is beautiful if only we have a good and healthy lifestyle. Being happy and overall well-being is all that it takes for a better life and future to imagine and dream even more about better ideas and better solutions to problems arising.

Imagination Seconds reflects on the past, present, and future of mankind based on facts and well reputable sources, enhancing creativity, curiosity, and hope.

When you imagine in seconds you get a fresh idea for a solution for a better future.

"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge". Albert Einstein