Value is an Illusion

We can't tell exactly what's value. Value can be associated with money, time, and purpose. Value is illusional because it's linked with inflatable prices and so on. Time and work go hand in hand with the outcome. The outcome is the value that satisfies a need and actual worthiness.

Illusion value

We think of value as quantity and not quality. Contentment is an illusional satisfying quality and quantity. The price of value is rather of nominal quality and quantity than actual reality. The interest rate is on the hike.

Value is an illusional gift of quality and quantity from nature. We need more as we desire more, and the appetite grows stronger as it gets harder to satisfy it with a nominal amount.

Value is an illusion in the sense that its meaning overlaps with need, positive desire with the outcome as well as its chain process and reality. The chain of value is a process of adding quality and quantity from the simple and complex resources and vice versa. Value is in flux when it's backed by volatile stocks. Investing illusion.

The genuine [economic] value lies in the power to sustain or enrich life

Lewis Mumford

Nowadays we attach value to things and commodities with money. It's an illusion against the reality surrounding the literal sense of value which is pure hard work and actual worthiness of quality. Nowadays many of us value more money than backing that paper bill with work tangible worthiness of quality. This is the reason why we feel scarcity in abundance.

The value of what we do is linked with achieving something important which fulfills a purpose and goals. Need equals highly valuable and important price. The value of now is the future. This is the reason why time is regarded as the value scale of anything existing in terms of events, work, speed, and delivery.

  • Value changes over time. Therefore, the value is time and volatile.

  • Value is character, power, and life. The valuable nature of multitasking is quantity. Value equals demand and energy. The valuable nature of multitudes is strength, complexity, and quantity. Also, the valuable nature of quality is beauty.

  • Value is a sense of importance, validation, and appreciation.

  • Value is a sense of consistent positive outcome enchained to our minds rather than the reality.

  • Value is perceived nominally more powerfully than its reality.

  • Value is unstable as it's affected by the hiking scale against reality.

  • Value is hard work, persistence, and resilience.

  • Value is a sense and a set of content with pure practical use.

  • Value is durability and quality. Keeping the best with quality and transforming quality, is like keeping value in bonds.

Do you believe in the value of wasted time? The value of a wasted moment is the best value you ever mind having or the value you wished to have someday.

Are you the value illusions of your dream and nature? Are you lost to find your value in this gigantic space of valueless meaning and emptiness? Creating your value in re-evaluating and eventing. You have a hard decision in hard choices. Your place and space to decide to make sense of meaningful value is this weather like emptiness. 

We imagine creating and adding value out of experience and demand. The hostile environment is an actual ground for grooming your value. Value is an illusion of spells of meaningless to meaningful standards of quality and quantity. We tend to inflate value with a nominal amount than the actual worthiness.

We need more than new policies. We need a new worldview and a new bottom line. We need to replace economic values as our ordering principle, with humanitarian values.

Marianne Williamson

Silent and hidden in nature, value is everywhere around us. If you care enough to observe and search with curiosity, you can discover and create it by adding quality to its detailed illusional beauty.

The value of land must, in the future, be assessed on its yield of potable water. Those property-owners with a constant source of pure water already have an economically-valuable "product" from their land, and need look no further for a source of income.

 Bill Mollison

Value is the imagination of quality in making solutions out of available resources. When you find things resourceful, you are called to a challenge to become an artist and a scientist at the same time. Your value is to solve problems in making real value with actual worthiness and quality.

We do this by replicating nature. As products of nature, we replicate nature to produce real value. We do this by creating and adding worthiness and not inflating value. Piecing together and processing every resourceful idea, and information using tangible worthiness of quality in quantity is real value creation.


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