Narrative Thinking Beyond Meaning in Life

We do everything to make meaning in life. The meaning that we can't see is the hidden one. We do make and discover meaning. We are surrounded by meaning in everything. We discover the complex meaning, we create the simplest way to explain it.

Story writing
The real meaning is beyond the shadow of what we experience, grasp, understand, and narrate.

The meaning beyond life is the most complex. In the core nature of narrative thinking, evolutionary and biological origin defines the mind and human life experience with fresh ideas. It's the cosmic meaning in a sense that, it's not easy to escape the context of life, and reality of everything surrounding it.

The way of meaning is art and science. Writing a story on what's happening with our thinking minds without affecting our life experiences is impossible. Life is the best experience of the physical world and beyond it. Everything is the meaning beyond what we can learn, understand and believe.

We hear, feel dream, and learn to understand and explain. The figures of meaning are colors and light in a way of mind and creativity. We dream to imagine it as a hypothetical possibility. Until we verify it. We learn to live to tell about it from generation to generation.

The surface meaning is a way to a deeper meaning and knowledge beyond experience. Complexity in a pattern is a collection of simple meanings in simple patterns of concepts. The theory of everything is attached to the deepest meaning and complexity of nature of its kind in contrasting similarities.

When you meditate you close your eyes to see within your mind and yourself. Everything leads to suffering, contentment, or satisfying meaning in life. We struggle to define life as a purpose and a reason to carry on. The opposite and equal forces do alter life direction, but the reason for the time change in every moment defines its meaning. 

We sail in the elements of life beyond meaning. We challenge ourselves with opposing efforts to set and redefine goals in life. We are always challenged by what we believe. We are cursed and blessed little by the meaning we create in life.

Create Your Meaning.

Surpass people's expectations, prove them wrong, and do it your way. Outshine negativity with meaning that's fine reflecting your true character and beauty as a human being. Imagine your life on a path of success and duty. It's your responsibility to crack open that point of weakness with a positive attitude and self-worthiness.

The meaning beyond imagination is in the seconds of your life. Everything you think of, you think for the meaning to attach it with. It's the meaning beyond seeing and feeling. It's the power of the storyline you create in every thought. Your imagination is a signature, that identifies you with meaning in everything you experience.

Beyond feelings and perception, you challenge what you see and believe. You challenge yourself to believe your intuition, your emotions, practicability, and talent. The meaning of talent is performing extraordinarily excellent. Creativity makes you excel beyond suffering and happiness. You train your mind to believe what you can do. You create your meaning instead of chasing for meaning or getting it from other people.

Emotionally you feel like suffering, but that's the way of life. Sometimes you find your limits and push beyond your imagination and knowledge. You develop a skill that is tuned with energy and a new meaning to life. Every conception of the self comes to reflect meaning in individual and social living. Bruner, J. (1990)

You redefine your life, you give it meaning for your survival and legacy, and continuation. It is the meaning in a way of enduring hope. Hope is the meaning associated with future certainty. Our thinking minds are everything abstract and real like meaning. The future is abstract while now and the past is real.

You find the meaning in life for the sake of glory and power, identity and self-expression. You are doomed to the kind of meaning you create upon the people surrounding you, the environment, culture, and technology. The meaning beyond our physical world is a shadow of the past knowledge at present, reflecting on the future.

Imagination is to the mind of the deep water. Immersive force in the gigantic oceans of knowledge, possibility, and flexible meaning. Your perception and attitude make the meaning you want. Creativity makes meaning while ideas are fresh in a way that they open a window to a prosperous life in the future.

When you don't feel you can touch, smell, taste, and test to evaluate your meaning and draw conclusions from time to time, as you change to adjust with history, time, skill, and knowledge. Later after now, it's beyond what we can comprehend, but imagination in every reason and means of redefining life.

Meaning is meant to be created and discovered in every situation. The meaning during moments of sorrow, happiness, and suffering is special and peculiar. Your new meaning in redefining life is challenged by your attitude and perception and effort as you experience new situations in life. It's the art of stories of meaning in telling the facts about everything concerning life.

When we struggle to live, it's when we shape the meaning and everything else taking place in life with hope knowledge, and intuition. Meaning in everything is in every thought on everything we link with life. The mind has to create a unique meaning in everything based on the past and present for the future experiences.


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