Fire Gliding Through Air Lost in the Dust of Nature

Strange in a vacuum,

No air to keep burning but time to keep it moving,

light in darkness

That was the feeling in an empty bottle of a dark moment,

Carried by space and effort.

Who could tell,

It would have lived in such hostile emptiness,

As it was waiting for its last breath,

There appears light to change its destiny,

It was the air that pushed for changes,

With means to burnout with gliding energy,

Who knew that one small idea could spread like wildfire and make a difference?

It glitters even more as the light fades,

Who knew a tiny burning arrow in a vacuum would make it to the air,

It was a walk of life with an idea in the journey of a glowing love with the light,

A fire burning in me as I drown in an ocean,

Lost on the way, lost in an empty mind,

Lost in the heart that pumps life to dare.

Diverging lines from the idea take along for the light to emerge,

Unparalleled ideas in the indirect lines,

Draw lines on paper,

Map the idea with a breath and a bow.

An idea eats its way deeper into the air,

Air speaks for light in an obscured vision,

That light smells the signs,

A way of cool air is to flow to heat,

Smoke drains light,

Light fades from blue to yellow.

The rainbow in colors of a fading spirit,

Leaves in colors of flowers to air and space,

Energy permeates the air,

As it burns,

The skin feels it,

Its sound shakes the air with energetic mellow.

Time changes everything,

Energy gives power to light up the sky with a fading love,

After burning,

It's ashes of life,

History came to life from nothing but a spirit.

Roots that take water to branches of the flame,

The tongue that makes fire speak,

The tongue that burns deep in air,

The tongue that changes the hearts.

Ashes of water vapor,

In the blue clouds,

The air tastes the smell of water and soil altogether,

It's a sense of fire lost in its ashes of energy,

Lost in the dust of the cosmos.

Energy rises from ashes over and over again,

A vacuum that shapes space and time,

Living in nature to passing on the light and life,

The life of a glowing arrow in its ashes fades up.

Consumed by Earth coming to life again,

Like a little fire in a tongue that sends a message through the air,

Someday to find it in a vacuum down to ashes to its origin,

That's the way of the light of hope.

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