Mysterious Nature of Language in the Universe

We write and read numbers and letters written in texts, books, billboards, and manuscripts. We also hear and interpret sounds everywhere around us from people speaking to animals barking, meow and birds calling and singing. It's language in process of communicating messages.

Language is a way of communicating sorts of messages across scales of phenomena through sound systems and patterns in objects' size and shapes as well as colors. Sound works well in the animal kingdom, especially in the human world in our daily life. Numbers work well in math and science since nature is a vast network of patterns.

Back of the pine cone looking a closed geometrical shape of the universe

The geometric shape and structural pattern of the back of a pine cone resemble a closed shape of the universe.

Our world and the universe have mathematical properties. Examining nature from pine cone pattern, arrangement of petals in a flower, arrangement of seeds in a sunflower, constellations of stars, and many more.

 Meaning in the Physical World.

What we see, feel, touch, hear and taste is a way nature communicates with us. Human language is a surface representation of what is deeper and mysterious in its meaning. The human mind interacts with the physical world in form of numbers and sound patterns. We communicate with nature using patterns of objects, size, sounds, colors, light, and shape. Also, we communicate among ourselves using human language that's highly characterized by a complex vocal sound system.

Numbers are the language of the universe. This is because numbers are everywhere around us. Numbers in the beauty of flowers, numbers in counting and calculating quantities, weight, speed, and size.Numbers and equations in a computer game. Numbers are a mathematical language of patterns and reality. Using numbers we can detect and calculate invisible waves of energy in radio, WI-FI and computers. Also, we can calculate the speed of light and sound and the distance among heavenly objects in a vast number of galaxies billions of light-years away from our planet.

It's the language of numbers in math and science or vocal sounds in words that describe and shape our perception and understanding. From Platonic solids of geometry that hold a key to the universe to Galileo's telescope and Isaac Newton's gravitational force as well as Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. Dreams and mythical concepts of our world are now a reality. Using numbers and writings in words, math and science were born. Taking us to the tunnel that leads to reality. Philosophical procedures of correct reasoning were able to lead us to rational and logical means of using language to explain and differentiate practically what is wrong from what is true.

Tracing the reality of our world and universe is interacting with the unknown while knowing that it's there to be discovered. From evolution theory to a pattern arrangement of letters in DNA and RNA strands. Using math and science we discover the laws of physics. The laws that govern the universe.Using language and ways of reasoning and researching we can discover who we are in this vast universe of systems and patterns of objects, light, sounds, movements, and force. This makes meaning across vast space and time.

It's even amazing to discover a primitive sense of numbers in young humans and animals and birds such as Ostriches, pigeons, horses, and elephants. This is the truth of the existence of numbers in our world and the universe. Also a sense of Fibonacci sequence in flowers and pine cones or a sense of Pi(π), golden ratio and probability in an apple fruit as well as an orange fruit. Plants do Fibonacci sequence and Pi calculations mysteriously by setting up a simple calculating machine.

Therefore we communicate what's complex in meaning in a sense of numbers, letters, and vocal sounds. Language makes us who we are as humans and intelligent animals. Numbers are the language of true magical wonders. It makes the invisible visible and real.

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