Until When it's Done

Think of anything,

A cloud that adds up to something,

And it rains a thing to real meaning,

Doing it with all your body and mind,

An action that settles a storm down.


And those guts driving the mind,

And those ideas cut deep within,

A walk though walls in a million,

A dream of an unknown champion,

A million trials getting it done.

A carelessly driven mind,

A meaningless regretable action,

A lone soulfulness lamentation,

A sanctuary in resting and sleeping.

A portion of medicine for the mind.

As time passes it needs to be done,

An overwhelming planning,

A soothing rest when it's done,

An unknown keeps it going to an end,

A self motivated folk keeps it done.

A heart with love it's how it's done,

A place in life with wit and passion,

Affairs of the heart in dreaming,

Applies heat in wishing and desiring,

A call to an endless ambitious action.

A promise to seeing things done,

An action moves a mountain,

A million times of self believing,

A paperwork and a crayon,

A hoe for a pen a paper for a land.

Appealing to feeling and seeing,

An art of observing and doing,

A cloud that doesn't last in a wind,

A small part makes a step to a thing,

A piece's a whole when it's been done.

A refuge under a tree shading,

A tree that cares for work's meaning,

A hoe and hands of time waiting,

A hope that ensures it's well done,

A mind reminder it's finally done.

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