A Footprint in Every Step

I was wondering if I could move unnoticed. I had little light knowledge that freedom would come my way without letting my mind move the ideas. 

I came to realize that when I move through ideas, ideas leave the same mark on my mind as I crawl, walk, run and eventually fly leaving footprints. It's my nature to think in the light of the  Footprints of a Gigantic Mind.

A Footprint

To me footprints can be something like kind of evidence of mind behavior often called a trace of evidence of biological activity. Therefore I have been trying to leave a trace in hopes of eventually cementing my footprints through the activities I do.

Then, I lived a life of dreams and hopes. The hopes were false as it was dreamed of until I decided to make a difference with my steps and my footprints. 

Making my mind, my body, and my soul flow in one direction. It's when I saw the miracles. It's then I looked back at the solid imprint of the former me behind. And that became my true rocks shielding the harsh reality of life and hope in wonders.

"You can't leave a footprint that lasts if you're always walking on tiptoe."Marion C.Blakely

Leading away towards your destiny takes a walk towards making miracles. Miracles are not made over one night's dreams, but by making the feet move to make solid steps. Building steps in your mind and then taking real steps walking on the steps. Doing it knowing that every step makes a footprint. Hard work does a good step in life.

What changes today depends on the mark left yesterday. Today has the power to usher in the future reality. More marks are left behind the prints, newer the legendary legacy. Printing yourself in those steps of yours.

"What footprint do you want to be known for? It's the legacy and the journey that you are on. Trust in yourself. Trust in the passion you have inside yourself."Drew Waters

For many ages animals have left tracks of trails that we can witness in today's world. We humans also have been leaving trails of legacies for thousands of years through evolution and genetic imprints across history and cultures. 

Human imprints vary depending on the speed of taking a step, the condition, and the ground and purpose on which a step was taken. Footprints in every step are a trace of physical evidence of an ancestral existence and experience of the life of a human being.

When you move your trembling feet with your heart, the earth makes no sound. Although the beats of your heart step with the audience that laughs at the footprints, somebody else shakes the ground and air with movements. One thing special with those trembling feet in your heart is that they leave a mark to guide and affirm your future endeavors.

"Everybody has to look at his or her footprint and do the best they can. It's not about being perfect, it's about doing something. If we are looking for perfection, we will never, ever get there."Laurie David

Most of the time we are growing through steps that print changes, challenges, and even laughter. Smiling moments make us great humans. As every wing flap makes an impact to calm air, then it's the changes that move the world.

Once and even more times my mind inhabited darkness, then knowledge entered with the light to clear the doubts. Being unsure of myself with the journey of growing through life and bettering the steps.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in this fast pacing world, the smooth journey of life is intervened by carbon prints that leave marks that change our lives. Taking steps each day does not only take me ahead, but also it's beneficial to my health. Steps are a footprint of my improvement.

"While it's well enough to leave footprints on the sands of time, It's even more important to make sure they point in a commendable direction."James Branch Cabell

We can change the way we see, perceive, and do things, but we can't change the past. The past that leads us this way. The way that will test our footprints is stepping on our will, with the strength to improve us through the times of disparity and hopes in a candle that burns through chaos and peace.

As I am sure of the journey, I am a believer like great minds there is light following each step taken and making proof with a footprint that I was there, also testing, making, and seeing things move as we move. 

What I feel and see today in this unforgiving wind, is the heart beating to moving the trembling feet. The feet that will eventually meet the ends.


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