Genesis in Essence

Faith built in a  vacuum,

Eyes in a lightroom,

Sweeps a broom,

Nights in an idea of a dream,

Sages tell what they know,

Fakes tell what they don't know,

Warming water into snow.

 Out of essentials life is dreamt,

A germinating seed


Soulfully glittering in void,

Where is your essence,

Nature blossoms life,

Away from existence,

Life seeds life,

An experience of presence,

Lived and living life,

No life in indifference,

But how lived and living life.

Nature blooms,

At peace,

As in chaos,

Wonderful in it's essence,

In the cosmos,

The Earth is a soul patch.

Humanity is a shilder,

A flower gardener,

A grower by own labour,

Light forces an hour,

Nature powers honour,

Wisdom to wait for an hour, 

Seasons smartly maneuver,

As again a start becomes newer.

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