A Charm of Love from Nature

Someplace in the universe, in a tiny lone heart. Kindling eyes with a sixth sense of light from above the stars twinkle even brighter.

Feels and sees that beauty in imaginations warm the heart with a kiss of light from the flying colors of a sparkling ruby stone.

Catching eyes with beautiful color and fragrance, visiting in the heart and eyes in seconds, on the mind a forever soothing touch.

Encountering a beautiful flower in the wild, tempting vision contributes to mysterious curiosity.

Letting that rumbling voice in the brightest cloudy kindling fire in an unknown heart in no time in a flash of a second.

Then, the colorful days and nights during summer warm the hearts, moving the minds back to a tiny world of lovers sharing sentimental seconds of sensational feelings and charm of love streaming from the two fountains.

And in the city in this tiny world of lovers, it's a big world of rhythmic beats tempting the hearts, overwhelming the power of minds, tripping into an ocean of affection and commitments.

A sudden wave of time on the waters of this ocean is likely to pose a charm of a challenge to what is love and commitment, to what is truly affectionately desire of the hearts to infatuation worth time, energy, and trust.

Fearless beautiful hearts nourish the souls, mountains of rocks stand still shielding love channeling it to the ocean into the tiny world.

The moon slides behind gentle clouds. After dawn, the clouds melt away in a gentle kiss of the sun with a sensational charm of love. The waters of the oceans rise and flow in the fountains in turns until the end of the waves and time. 

A tiny lone heart gets a soul companion in a gigantic universe of worlds and oceans of stars.


"The Rhodora ." Poetry for Students. . Retrieved August 02, 2022 from

Pamela Morsi (1996). The Love Charm.(Small Town Swains)

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  3. This is a well written prose. I love the way it flows from verse to verse and gives me an image.

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