Travel Through Time

Sitting with a hand on one of the cheeks, my mind traveling within the deepest part of my consciousness relatively feeling new to this world and its reality.

Blurbing on time's book pages, my mind is too little to comprehend and handle such a massive amount of information until I travel through time and records to get a glimpse of what I am in the current history and nature of reality.

Heavenly lights in the artificial light.
Adventuring through darkness searching for the light is a quest for quenching a desire for knowledge away from the current existence of the truth and reality.

Seeing the past, present and the future is possible through time travel.

A lot of things happened in the past, it's hard to bear witness, until when you manage to access a handful piece of information prevailing giving a clue to what is new and old as well as the coming.

Talking to my inner person asked many questions. How do I affirm the memories worth consciousness possible traveling in time and see what's in the records?

I need to know about being living life in space and time feels like. Pondering how and why events travel through time and being affirmed in records.

Be it in books, geological classifications, science, artifacts, linguistics, and narration. A tiny mind of mine can grasp a little to tell, the gigantic piece of reality can't easily be revealed through time travel, unless I manage to.

Overwhelmed by the new-past shading light to the future searching for what is new to this world seeing reduplication and shaping of every piece of idea forging a new era.

A massive amount of information and knowledge stored in our minds is a pond of water taken from an ocean that we know not but aware of time and its existence.

Managing time is relatively inhibited with measuring time and space in which we bear witness of reality.

1. Time is a storyline of events. Every moment with its time and peculiarities.

2. Time can bend and straighten the truth depending on a prevailing situation.

3. Time gives value to life, work, and its purpose.

4. Time makes a difference between the truth and a lie.

5. Time shows the way we get lost in ourselves and drives a permanent change towards the world.

6. Time gives light to details, shining brightly to the unknown.

7. Time promises today for the future reflecting yesterday.

8. To others time is faster and slower depending on the mood and place.

9. Time ends, restores, and shapes perception and ideas.

10. Time tells it all. It lets us witness the possibility of the impossible in moments and ages.

In the end, time breaks the heart and puts the heart's pieces together as it passes by because time powers travel through events, coincidences, and chances.

As I rise from thoughts,  a hard day of light partly with a shadow to sleep on as light slips out of the hand to lighten up tomorrow with a hope of a nightmare.


Lecturer in Astrophysics, UCL 
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The Science of Time Travel and its Humanistic Implications

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