Failure as Part and Percel of Success

Just imagine, how many times you could plan and try without fruition?

It's normal trying to do something and finding yourself failing to produce the desired outcome.

"If you don't try at anything, you can't takes backbone to lead the life you want".Richard Yates

Being successful takes a lot, from one trial to the next trial at a time, step by step at a time.
Fruits of labour

Doing something that requires fruition, takes a spirit of keeping going despite the difficulties along the way.

Handle Failure with Positivity. See good things that come with Failing.

1. Failure is an opportunity to try again doing it even better.

2. Failure is an opportunity to discover your weakness and make some improvements.

3. Failure is a chance to make imperfections perfect.

4. Failure is an opportunity to reassess the tactics and come up with better ones.

5. Failure is a lesson and a teacher that shows you where you got wrong.

The best comes after many failed trials.

Most successful people have a secret behind success, that's a spirit of not quitting.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it's the courage to continue that count". Winston Churchill

When oceans are turbulent, they keep pushing tirelessly knowing that the situation is temporary.

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear".Jack Canfield

And sometimes they stop waiting for the right moment to launch another trial with hope and a winning mentality.

Failure is a fear of success(Fear Neurosis), it's an impossibility of completing a task required by the ego ideal.
According to René Laforgue's writing in his book Psychologie de I'échec(The Psychology of Failure;1941),
"Person's activities and social affective failure is the strength that transforms the unhappiness into happiness."

A winning mentality and a long struggle normally pay off.
"Our actions and struggle is success and failure itself depending upon luck and moral rational justification".This is discussed in "The Literature of Moral Luck"  by Thomas Nagel and Bernard Williams.

Lastly perseverance, persistence, humility, and knowing that, still there's a chance and an appropriate time for making amendments and adjustments for a perfect successful attempt it's all that turns Failure into Success.


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