Rhythmic Patterns in Nature

Many of us can't pass a day without listening, singing, or dancing to the sounds of music.

And also we normally hear and see nature's rhythmic patterns of lights in the sky at night, sounds and colors in the wild.

Getting connected to nature's rhythmic world allows us to enjoy and appreciate a sort of wonders of sound and visual patterns in nature.

"Music is an integral part of us".writes Brian Farrel, a Professor of Biology who is a curator of Entomology in Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology, also a Jazz Drummer in his article 'Music and Nature'.

We copy and imitate the rhyming sounds from our ancestors, we keep them in our minds and hearts. We sing when we are happy, sad, grieving, and so on.

If you haven't connected with nature to experience the essence of beauty and purity of life, you have to find a connection with the rest of nature.

The true essence of nature is at expressing rhythmic sounds and visual patterns in the experience.

The natural world is a spectrum of naturally pure sounds that give the alarm to signs that govern life such as light, dark, danger, happiness, sorrow, and power as well as status.

Think of a deafening sound of a song cricket in your surroundings at night and during the daytime.

It is vividly obviously a normal taste of sounds from nature you can hear and feel in your proximity.

A songbird sings to signify the sunrise and sunset, courtship, and so on.

Animals produce sounds to alert family members and neighbors of a danger likely to happen.
A Squirrel alerts it's family
A Squirrel alerts its family members of danger by an alarming pattern of vocalizations.

A lion roars to signify status and power in the jungle.

The thunder lightning is the master sound and light that signifies the power of nature and life.

The sounds of the trees amidst the breezing wind and waterfalls sounds let us feel good.

The beats of the heart are the natural rhythmic sounds that signify the value of life.

Observe water at peace and still, feel nature's power through water tides and waves just like human life sometimes in chaos after moments of peace and tranquility.

The human spiritual world, mind, and body are in harmony with true vision and sounds that are in tone with wonders of nature.

The passage of time is a wonder through nature to find its eternal beauty.

As time passes by, we see a lot and experience a lot through ages. This is possible in the way of arts, music, health, and longevity.

The arts of beauty are nature's essence. What we sing, draw, write and paint are true wonders of natural scenery by vision and imagination of sounds inspired by patterns and sounds in nature.

Music is the rhythmic sounds of nature when birds sing, trees dance, and sing in a whirlwind. We feel the rhythmic nature of chaotic and peaceful sounds.

Health and longevity are inspired by working in nature. Seeing and feeling the true beauty and essence of life is caring for nature.

According to The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Healthperception of the natural world helps recovery after psychological stress.

Sounds of nature such as waterfalls, trees, and vegetation help our bodies to relax, cultivate inner peace, keep focus, and enhance efficiency at work.

Time to bring back what we take from nature every day is truly and sincerely a clearer picture of the responsibility, we have as mankind to the safety of the natural world.

We are endowed with all that's beautiful as well as alarming in life's essence of nature.


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