Meaning in a Talent and Giftedness

You may have been naturally gifted with a talent for doing something you like.
Knowing what is sealed in your GIFTEDNESS is the key step towards developing your skill and eventually your talent.

Giftedness is a natural ability while Talent is a systematically developed skill.
Depending solely on your talent and giftedness to succeed in life is not enough.
Without caring, loving, and being good at what you do, all your expectations can be in vain. 

Immersed in
imaginations, envisioning what and where may your talent take you in the world of passion and profession. Are you committed to doing what you like? If not you must have commitments and give your best to what you like to make it worth part of your life.

"Talent and virtue are determining factors for success".Wang Chong

The majority of people are naturally gifted with talents, but they can't be successful in their life because of factors and things that are likely to affect the development of their giftedness.

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid".Albert Einstein

Things that may affect talent and giftedness in children.

1. Environment.
The environment a child is in may hinder or motivate a child to grow talent and giftedness.

Create a good environment and a situation for children to discover, develop and improve their talents.

2. Parental upbringing and provision of needs.
Good upbringing, providing emotional support, and needs are important. Also, parents acting as role models to children is important.

For example, being there whenever children need their parents. Teach your children to believe in themselves and be independent in their thinking and life in general.

3. Family relationship and encouragement.
Giving hope and supporting what a child is good at, is also important. A friendly and good relationship between parents as well as children and their parents should have a warm and settled relationship.

Showing love and caring for your family and children builds a strong family bond.

As a child or an adult, you may like doing better in sports, in your studies, in business, becoming a great scientist, etc.

If you can't do it in the best way, giving all your best efforts you will not be successful and it will be useless to your life.

Plan, set your goals, be flexible, work, and adjust yourself towards adding value and meaning to your talent.

1. Take your time to rediscover your passion for your talent.

2. Work towards improving your talent. If it's a sport, work out regularly to improve every part of your weakness and so on.

3. Meet with an expert in the field of your talent to gain more knowledge and skills.

4. If you find an obstacle along the way towards developing your talent, don't give up, passion and love are wonderful reasons not to quit.

5. Staying focused on what you like brings satisfaction and happiness to your life.

 6. Try your best, eventually, you will find the best in what you like doing the most.

7. Most successful people do well giving the best to their talents with passion.

8. Learn how to do better in the field of your talent every day.

9. Adding discipline to your talent and personality will give you a higher score towards your success and carrier.

Developing skills in what you like is growing your talent and is the most important way to live happily as well as being successful in whatever you're doing in life.

In the book,' The War for Talent', by Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield Jones, and Beth Axelrod predicted about 20 years ago that, companies would be attracting, developing, and retaining talented personnel.

Nevertheless, nowadays talents shape the business, economy, and society and there is a huge migration of global talents into countries and places where potential opportunities are available.

Knowing how important is your hobby and talent is discovering how meaningful is your effort to your talent and success.


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