Being a Learner and a Teacher

A unique opportunity that may allow us to experience life differently is teaching and learning at the same time. Good educators are lifelong learners.

Being a parent, a teacher, and a leader, life offers you a chance to experience and see life as a learner and a teacher at the same time.

When you ask me who was my first teacher;
My parents are my first teachers. They taught me my first language, how to take care of myself, and so on.

Mom and Daddy could see me grow up from childhood to adulthood. Like anyone else, they're our first teachers.

Fathers and  Mothers learn a lot about their children as they grow.
Then I found my learning in a school of my own, the world is a school where  I teach myself and others and it's where I could get my lessons.
Being teachers and learners at the same time, we can grow and change our life perspectives.
Learning and Teaching
You're a Mom to children, you are a teacher.
You are a Father to children, you are a teacher.
You are a leader, You are a teacher to your people.

Children, people, students, and society need you to experience, see things from different perspectives and show direction.

Teaching, Education, and Learning.

Education is a process of acquiring knowledge through learning, experience, studying, and so on.

Teaching is a process of imparting knowledge through learning, knowledge-seeking ways, and technical skills.

Education is a powerful tool to free people and their society from various challenges.

It can be poverty, ignorance, and diseases by equipping the society with knowledge on what, why, and how questions of a problem.

Teaching is seeing, hearing, and experiencing our world from different perspectives through different eyes, ears, feelings, and thinking of those who are learning.

Teaching allows us to see life from multiple angles of experience different life experiences as we struggle to live in our societies.
Age teaches us to be teachers,
Being parents, leaders, and teachers we have authority over our people, children, and students.

We become wiser at exercising our authority as we get older.

Max Weber the renowned theorist of the 19th Century, categorized authority in two ways.

1. Positional authority which is rigged with laws, social status, and regulations based on the position a person has in an organization, etc.

2. Personal authority is dynamic and improves and changes over age as we live and interact in different situations with people and students in our world.

⭐Teachers and Parents should use their authority wisely when it comes to dealing with their children and students. Therefore giving them the freedom to learn and improve themselves as they grow and age.

⭐Parents can learn through experience, about the needs, talents, and personalities of their children as they grow to become useful people in their society.

And therefore be there for the physical and emotional needs and wants of their children.

⭐Teachers benefit by being exposed to multiple personalities, talents, and characters as they interact with their students in their learning and teaching activities, job stability, and a place to say as well as influence for change.

Making difference in the lives of children, shaping them into adults they will become with lessons that last a lifetime.

Also helping them in multiple ways according to their needs, personalities, talents, and dreams. And in turn, gain experience and skills in working with different people.

⭐ society and its values are defined by what's offered by its education system and teaching.

⭐Leaders are teachers in the sense that, they are required to identify problems, seek solutions and equip society with information using the team they have to work with. Giving answers to why, how, what, and when questions.

Education, as it's to teaching, is the heart of society.

Education and teaching at home are good for the upbringing of children.
Self-discovery and talents are enhanced at school.

Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and James F. T. Bugental in the early 1900s proposed Humanistic Learning Theory which emphasizes human freedom to a person, dignity, and self-autonomy. This theory centered on a person's ways and interests and approaches to learning and acquiring knowledge covering both cognitive and affective aspects of learning.  (Lucas, 1996). (: Students as individuals having internal motivation and self-awareness can achieve self-actualization. (Madsen & Wilson, 2012; Sharp, 2012)

In the end, our societies are built by multiple talents, personalities,  different perspectives, and experiences inspired by learning, studying, imagination and teaching.

Going to school changed our lives, Parents and Teachers groomed our talents and shaped our dreams. And that's how we found our passions.

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