Unity is Strength

We encountered many hard times, still, we emerged stronger. And still, there are more tough moments of life to come. Unity is the reason we're still on the move into achieving goals collectively.

Is humanity always prepared?
It's even harder to be ready for everything that might happen every time. Unity makes it easy.
Tough times come and go always. From pandemic diseases to natural disasters, war, and so on. Tough times shall leave a mark on endured strength of togetherness as a people. In the philosophy of unity love is the unifier. "Philosophy of Unity: Love as an Ultimate Unifier"- Michael Bassey Enyo.

The time,  resources, knowledge, and experience we need to have to prepare ourselves for what is to come are sometimes a little challenging. Knowledge is rather abundant in unison than in isolation. Therefore, managing risky situations is easy in oneness.

Our abilities and readiness to tackle a particular problem vary from place to place.
A colony of black ants
Like ants in unity, we are strong enough to forge our place in the history of the world and the human nature of civilization. Ants do stay healthy by acting accordingly and also having a collective behavior to address the problem or situation to reduce the risk of affecting the entire colony. For ants, unity is strength and health.

Coming together in strength as a unity as the world will remove all the hurdles and systemic lines drawn against each society discriminating against people based on their backgrounds, race, and so on.

We are weak in that sense of prejudice and injustice because we are not united in eliminating it. Our unity is the only strength and hope.

"Even the weak become strong when they are united". Friedrich von Schiller
Focusing on building our world,  our people, and healing humanity must be an important point of interest to every individual.
Our world is changing fastly, and if we look back at past years, it's vividly plain that we have come through so much and still we have to learn to secure our existence as humanity. Getting through hard times has been a miracle brought by unity. 

Unity is needed to take us to our dreams and future as people who are behind in everything. Economic, Social, and Self-autonomy as people are never easy but by uniting our efforts we come to be strong to break free from all forms of bondage.

One has to admit that being united helps in many ways and sometimes can do wonders. Unity is the biggest strength of people.

"We are far more alike than we think".says Dr.Nikki Martinez, Psy.D.LCPC, Lead Contributor

Unity is important, separation makes things even worse.

  • Sharing key information.
  • Sharing expertise.
  • Sharing experience.
  • Sharing technology.
  • Sharing and spreading love, peace, caring, and showing humility and hospitality.
  • Giving hope,  and spreading positivity.
"When the spiders unite they can tie down a lion". Ethiopian Proverb

When bad times are gone, good times come,  we live for tomorrow.

  • Shape our old ideas, and exercise them.
  • Bring new ideas and try them.
  • Change our old ways of doing things.
  • Change habits and embrace innovation and renovation.
If you want to move fastly, go alone, if you want to move faster and go farther, go with people.
"Unity is strength, separation is weakness".Swahili Proverb

Reconciliation is important when misunderstandings occur among us. Naturally, we may have conflicts and did agree on one thing and then never come to the same terms on the other thing, but we talk it through and make it right for both of us. 

Speaking and sharing may reduce misconceptions and therefore put every part on the same page.

The world is not complete without diversity in ideas, ethnicity, and mutual respect as well as understanding. Human civilization is complete when unconditional prosperity and unity are achieved altogether.

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