Commitment to Healthy Lifestyle.

Our lives are negatively impacted by our daily life choices regarding our health. Lack of a focus on improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle makes us vulnerable to lifestyle-related illnesses.
Healthy Lifestyle
Improvement is being active and eating healthy.

Imagine having a dream that's so precious that occupies all imaginations, and that dream is on the verge of vanishing due to leading a reckless lifestyle!

Being unable to change a lifestyle is related to sticking to the same habits. Commitment to self-improvement in dietary habits, activities and taking actions to stay on the right track of improvement solves most of the problems.

Being committed to healthy lifestyle involves thinking positively, linking up with healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, and educating yourself by reading books and publications concerned about a healthy lifestyle.

Planning and sticking to the goals may help to stay focused on the prize of longevity and happy life. This is important because most of us live in places where it's hard to stick to our goals. Normally we find difficult situations. Urbanization, aging, and lifestyle behaviors contribute to the development of non-communicable diseases and affect individuals' and societies' health.

According to WHO(2018), non-communicable diseases such as cancers, ischemic heart diseases, and cerebrovascular are the leading causes of mortality.

1. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) kill 41 million people each year, equivalent to 71% of all deaths globally.

2. Each year,15 million people die from NCDs between the ages of 30 and 69 years; over 85% of these premature deaths occur in low-middle-income countries.

3. Cardiovascular diseases account for most NCD(17.9 million people annually) followed by cancers(9.0 million), respiratory diseases (3.9 million), and diabetes (1.6 million).

4. Tobacco use, physical inactivity, the harmful use of alcohol, and unhealthy diets all increase the risk of dying from  NCD.
Lifestyle change is a key step towards achieving goals at reducing and controlling weight, combating and managing stress as well as reducing the likely hood of suffering effects caused by non-communicable diseases which are hugely lifestyle-related.

Ten Principles of a Committed Lifestyle. 

1. Eat three meals a day.
Eating at regular intervals will not lead to starvation which may cause to eat and binge more.

2. Exercise.
It's funny and keeps you flexible. And it's a key to weight control and boosting body immunity. Running, Sports, swimming, etc.

3. Activities. Spend your spare time doing activities that cultivate inner peace.
Walking, gardening, household chores, playing with kids, 🎣 fishing, etc.

4. Don't overdo it.
Don't push yourself to the higher end of the target range. A brisk one-hour walk a day is a terrific goal for steady and healthy weight management.

5. Balanced diet.
Make sure you get all food nutrients at the correct quantity and quality. Think fruits, whole grains, legumes, water and vegetables, and sparely meat, eggs, and fish.

6. Do a body check frequently and seek medical help when something is wrong with your body for early identification, support to cope, and care.

7. Hope.
Manage stress, talk to a friend, read books, watch movies, cook your delicious dish. Learn every day.

8.  Think long-term.
Shortcuts and quick plans never last.

9. Moderation and Balance.
Avoid too much sugar,  salt, and fats as well as alcoholism and smoking.

10. Count blessings and be contented.
Appreciate whatever you have achieved in life and keep a positive attitude. Meditation and praying can be helpful too.

According to  a study led by Harvard,
Five habits for maintaining healthy lifestyle are:
  1. Eating a healthy diet, 
  2. Exercising regularly,
  3.  Keeping a healthy body weight, 
  4.  Not drinking too much alcohol,
  5.  Not smoking may add more than a decade to life expectancy.
Therefore, it's very important to create a sense of responsibility for our health and drive our lives in the right direction as we plan and hope for a brighter future. 

Dream of those coming days with a bunch of hopes. Take fresh fruits for a snack, drink water when you work out. Eventually, Sweet dreams ahead of you come true and real, as you grin back to that smile of beauty and energy.

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Tips for Staying Committed to a Healthy Lifestyle

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